Poor regulation in tourism industry, lays responsibility on tourists. 


To professionalize the tourism industry and contribute to the emergency operations network.


To transform adventure into risk-free experiences

+100 Million international arrivals in LatinAmerica (UNWTO; 2017) are exposed to serious injuries, including death, because of irresponsibility of tour operators, lack of regulation and no immediate response
— Camila Straub - Founder


  • We make safer destinations.

Through our TRAIT Certification, we raise the bar of services delivered in tourism, creating better experiences for the industry in different nations around the globe.

  • We make sure we have a win win relationship with our partners.

Alliances and collaboration makes the world turn. We view every supplier, client, company as our equal, so if we win, they must too. 

  • We professionalize the service in tourism

We invest and promote in human capital to be the best prepared in the world. We believe skilled workers makes more revenue in the mid term for companies.

  • We care about the environment and community involved.

Tourism’s economic and poverty alleviation concussion is lacking, but is clear that the impact on local people and economies in most developing countries.

  • We create possibilities of prosperity.

Everything started with Rescate Patagonia, to professionalize rescue teams in Patagonia and create a standard. Today, we’ve scaled to the whole country and have interest from other nations to implement our model.